who should use BANa?

I'm an athlete. I work outside.

I'm an athlete.

BANa is the perfect rehydration solution for serious athletes in all sports, from Ironman, to professional and collegiate athletics, to NASCAR. NCAA Division 1 football and track & field programs from across the country have added BANa to their athlete's daily workouts.

I work outside.

BANa helps public safety officers and laborers, like construction workers and landscapers, stay hydrated while working outside in the heat.

I'm ill. I'm hungover.

I'm ill.

BANa is ideal for those with suffering from vomiting, diarrhea or flu-like symptoms.

I'm hungover.

BANa decreases recovery time for those feeling the effects of too much alcohol.

I'm a weekend warrior. I'm pregnant.

I'm a weekend


Not just for serious athletes, BANa makes your weekend pick-up games and occasional jogs more fun, by keeping your body hydrated and operating at its best.

I'm pregnant.

BANa is safe for expectant mothers and is a good choice to reduce the swelling in the limbs that often accompanies pregnancy.

I'm undergoing cancer treatment. I'm taking care of a sick child.

I'm undergoing

cancer treatment.

BANa has helped countless of patients stay hydrated while recovering from surgery or undergoing treatment.

I'm taking care

of a sick child.

BANa for Kids, a formulation made especially for children, speeds recovery from those pesky colds and flus.