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Serious Rehydration

Forget sports drinks!

BANa is the healthier, more effective way to rehydrate your body with zero calories and sugars per container—the lowest among competitors.

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes in, and it affects even the healthiest people. BANa is a serious rehydration drink that naturally replenishes your body with the liquid it needs to stay healthy, and perform at its best.

Like an IV in a bottle

Developed by an ER Doctor, BANa is modeled after the saline IVs you see in hospitals. By capitalizing on the rehydrating properties of the same sodium found in those IVs, BANa treats ailments from dehydration, including:

  • Cramps from excessive perspiration or heat exhaustion
  • Fatigue from strenuous labor and work
  • Nausea from illness like chemotherapy or the flu
  • Headaches from travel or alcohol overindulgence
  • Dry skin or foggy brain from general lack of fluids

Try BANa to feel the difference, today.

BANa Adult Rehydration Beverage