Don't Sweat Dehydration. Rehydrate with BANa

In any season, proper hydration is critical to ensure your body can function at its best, but it’s especially important in the summer when temperatures soar. Without consuming the necessary fluids to keep your body hydrated, you could be at risk for dizziness, fatigue, weakness, mental confusion, low blood pressure and even more serious side effects of dehydration.

Did you know salt is an electrolyte?

BANa Rehydration Drink maximizes fluid absorption in your body by replicating the effect of a saline IV — 4 bottles of BANa are approximately equivalent to a 1L normal saline IV (9000mg of salt) delivered in the ER. Capitalizing on sodium’s role as one of the body’s key electrolytes, BANa helps the body retain fluids more effectively than sports drinks without any sugar or calories.

BANa works for everyone.

Whether you’re an athlete or an avid traveler, BANa is the perfect tool to prevent any dehydration caused by physical overexertion, travel, alcohol consumption and more. For the best taste, keep BANa chilled.

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